Tuesday, October 5, 2010

World's Best Lasagna

4400 reviews...a 5-star rating...I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into the "World's Best Lasagna" I found at AllRecipes - here's the recipe!
Last night, I did the 2 hours of prep work and tonight was...sad.  This recipe was OK at best.  What a let down!?!  So many great reviews; but I found the lasagna to be bland.  I think it could be better if there was A LOT more seasoning.  And, even though it the recipe makes a lot of sauce, it could be saucier.
For now I'll go back to my old recipe but I'm still looking for that perfect Lasagna.  Does any have a great no-fail recipe for a zesty saucy lasagna?
I promise, I'll work on better photos.  I was pretty disenchanted with this one.  Maybe next time!


  1. I usually do my spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker all day, and if you cook the meat in the sauce you get more flavor. Italian sausage on the sides of the lasagna pan is great too. The last time I made lasagna I had some mascarpone cheese left over and added that into my cheese mixture. Fresh grated parmasan gives more flavor than the containers you buy at the store.

  2. Thanks Carrie. I like the idea of sauce in the crockpot. Do you make enough to freeze or just for the dish?